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Dental Crowns

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Brian A. Noonan, DDS

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Specific teeth that aren’t up to par with the others in your mouth can stand out cosmetically at best and break easily at worst. If you have a tooth that needs extra support, Brian A. Noonan, DDS, can create a custom crown for you at his office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you have a tooth in the front of your mouth that does not look its best, Dr. Noonan may recommend a veneer for it instead. To learn more about dental crowns and veneers, call Brian A. Noonan DDS or book an appointment online today.

Dental Crowns Q & A

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a custom-designed cap that fits over a prepared tooth to support its structure, improve its appearance, or both. Dr. Noonan may recommend that you get a crown to keep a tooth intact if its structure is weak after a root canal or a break. 

You can get strong metal crowns designed for durability or tooth-colored crowns that blend in perfectly among your other teeth. If you choose a tooth-colored crown, Dr. Noonan matches it to the natural shade of your healthy teeth.

Dr. Noonan can also design your crown to fit over a dental implant and replace a missing tooth. Regardless of whether your crown is covering an implant or a weak or unattractive tooth, Dr. Noonan uses your original tooth as a template for the shape.

If your crown is covering an existing tooth, Dr. Noonan must reshape the tooth to prepare it for the crown. Then, he takes impressions of its new shape to make a crown that fits over it perfectly. 

What are veneers?

If the damaged tooth in question is in the front of your mouth and visible in your smile, and if the damage is purely cosmetic, you might be better off getting a veneer instead of a crown. Instead of covering the entire tooth, veneers cover just the front of your tooth. You can use them to conceal cosmetic flaws such as:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Discoloration and stains
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth

Dr. Noonan and his team design your veneers and create them with durable, tooth-like porcelain. They match them to the shape and color of your teeth, just like they do with dental crowns. 

Before making your veneers, Dr. Noonan and his team remove a half-millimeter thick layer of enamel from the front of the tooth. Then, he takes impressions to use while making the veneer. He bonds the veneer to your tooth after etching the surface to make it rough.

Are crowns and veneers permanent?

Because of the preparation, you need to protect your restored tooth with a crown or bridge for the rest of its life. However, individual crowns and bridges do not last forever and will eventually need replacements. If you prioritize your oral hygiene and attend your dental examinations and cleanings, your crown or bridge can last for 10-15 years before it needs a replacement.

To consult with Brian A. Noonan, DDS, about crowns or veneers for your teeth, call the office to set up an appointment or book your visit online today.