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Brian A. Noonan, DDS

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Cavities, also called tooth decay, are one of the most common health problems in the world. If you have a cavity, Brian A. Noonan, DDS, and his team can repair your tooth and fortify it with a filling at his private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Getting a filling can allow you to keep your tooth and avoid severe infection in and around the cavity. To learn more about fillings and to explore your options, call the office of Brian A. Noonan, DDS for an appointment or book your visit online today.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

Fillings are an easy way to reinforce a tooth’s strength after a cavity compromises it. If you need a filling, Dr. Noonan begins the process by removing all of the decayed material from your tooth. He thoroughly cleans the tooth to prevent new areas of decay from forming, then closes all of the spaces with a preselected filling material. 

A filling doesn’t just keep your tooth strong and stable after a cavity: It also closes the spaces that leave your tooth vulnerable to bacteria and infections. This can help you avoid costly dental work in the future and keep your original teeth.

What are my choices for the material in my filling?

Before you receive your filling, Dr. Noonan will help you select the right material based on your personal preferences and the location of the tooth. Choices for filling materials include:


Gold fillings are highly durable and can last for 20 years or longer. Dr. Noonan makes your gold fillings in a laboratory before cementing them into place at a later appointment.

Amalgam (silver)

Amalgam fillings are also very strong and durable, and are less expensive than gold. 


Porcelain fillings are also called inlays and onlays. Like gold fillings, Dr. Noonan must create them in a lab before attaching them to your teeth. They match the natural shade of your teeth.

Composite resin (plastic)

Composite resin fillings look like your natural teeth in color. Dr. Noonan places them in a liquid form, and they harden into place

How do I know if I need a filling?

Fillings are treatments for cavities. It isn’t always easy to tell if you have a cavity without professional help since they don’t always come with symptoms. When you attend your comprehensive examinations with Dr. Noonan, he checks each of your teeth for cavities and tells you if you need a filling.

Some cavities cause symptoms that can become difficult to ignore. You should book an appointment with Dr. Noonan to see if you need a filling if you have:

  • A toothache
  • A particularly sensitive tooth
  • Holes in your teeth that you can see
  • Black, white, or brown staining on a tooth

If you don’t get treatment for a cavity, it can form an abscess in your tooth. To minimize your chances of complications like abscesses, you should visit Dr. Noonan regularly.

To find out if you need a filling, schedule an examination by phone or online at Brian A. Noonan DDS today.